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The No.1 Cloud Cost Management Platform in Japan is going global

Supercharge your cloud ROI

Unite as a single, cohesive team with OCTO, our advanced SaaS platform that delivers insightful cloud data and strategically maximizes your cloud ROI.

Comprehensive Cloud Cost Management

Empower your organization, enhances collaboration and drives cloud cost optimization by streamlining interactions between engineering, finance, and management teams.

Actionable Insights

Cost Optimization Cadence

Cost Controlling as a Team

Keep track of daily cost patterns with the level of detail you prefer, enabling you to tackle unforeseen expenses more effectively.

 Minimize costs and manual effort with our autopilot optimization feature, freeing you from the limitations of time and technical constraints.

OCTO consolidates data on an intuitive dashboard, equipping management and field teams with insights for informed, effective decisions.

Designed for Maximum Cloud Cost Controland Efficiency

Visualize and analyze your cloud costs

Optimizing cloud costs starts with visualization. OCTO centralizes AWS, Azure, and GCP account management, enabling cost aggregation by account, service, or tags. Project-specific dashboards give a clear view of each member's scope, fostering cost awareness and enhancing cloud cost comprehension.

Intelligent allocation

Accurate cost allocation is critical for effective cloud cost management. With OCTO, project costs are distributed using tagging, and refunds and credits are automatically allocated based on pre-set configurations, along with savings realized through our optimization feature. This comprehensive solution provides diverse options for reallocating savings across the organization.

Build a rhythm of cost optimization

Advocate a comprehensive cost optimization cycle encompassing visualizing the current state to identify areas for improvement, enabling hassle-free autopilot cost optimization for significant savings, and measuring the success of your plan and actions. The cycle covers daily operations, such as instance resizing, to finance-driven procurement cost reduction, such as leveraging commitment-based discounts.

Give every stakeholder the data they need to control the cloud cost.

Bridge the gap between tech, finance, and management teams, enhancing collaboration and driving efficient cloud cost optimization



Finance/ Executives

  • Daily Cost Details ​
  • Operational Cost Optimization 
  • Resource Management
  • High-level Multi-Cloud Cost MoM/ QoQ​
  • Overall Budget Tracking​
  • Overall Economic Effects​
  • High-level Cost spending trend​
  • Procurement Cost Optimization
  • Recommendation​
  • Effect Measurement Details​

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